Conservative Activist,  Darius Laws writes >>

Like many of us I am thoroughly sick and tired of seeing litter on our streets. Let us be clear the litter is not caused by the Council but it is the Council frontline staff who are doing their best to deal with the mess caused by a minority of disrespectful human beings. This Council has introduce extra recycling bins within the town Centre as well as chewing gum recycling bins so there really is no excuse for littering. The proliferation of fast, take away coffee culture and convenience foods has probably added to the problem but again it isn’t the ‘burger bars’ dropping litter; it is again down to a minority of human beings spoiling it for all.

If I spot someone deliberately drop litter I’ll have a polite ‘I think you might have dropped something mate?’ conversation The result isn’t always successful but I feel a duty to challenge unacceptable behaviour in public. I also think it is time we stepped up and issued more fines to litterbugs and that includes people who flick their cigarette butts into the middle of the road on the assumption that the magic ‘fag butt fairies’ will come along and clean up.

I have asked our MP Will Quince to push the government to work with the food and drinks industry to make more use of biodegradable packaging, incentives for people to return bottles to shops and continue to work to reduce single-use plastics. Within Colchester itself there are moves to install and repair water fountains, which is to be welcomed and will hopefully reduce plastics.

Once we’ve got our streets clean of litter wouldn’t it be great it we could further enhance civic pride and the feel good factor by encouraging businesses to display flags, bunting and extra flower planting like the ‘good old days’