The figures just didn’t add up in the Lib/Lab Coalition's Budget which they forced through at the recent Full Council meeting (13th February 2020), which totally undermines the confidence the public can have in a Council run by that ailing administration. 

Conservative Councillors challenged the numbers in the budget after it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of pounds were missing in the calculations. The Lib/Lab councillors brushed this aside as ‘rounding up’ and decided to ram through their budget regardless. 

Conservative Deputy Leader, Cllr Lewis Barber, said: “These tactics are highly troubling from the minority administration. How can any of us trust this dwindling bunch of Coalition Councillors with our money? They have no majority after The Highwoods Independents split from the power, yet the Liberals and Labour still cling on to power and now we have revealed they can’t even add up!.

The Conservatives put forward a raft of amendments to put "people first" by focusing on policies to get Colchester moving, clean up Colchester and make Colchester safe again, rather than unfunded pet projects. (click to see Conservative amendments)

The Conservatives also proposed increasing funding to Citizens Advice by £75,000 to reverse the Liberal Democrat and Labour cuts to this much valued organisation. This would have been funded by scrapping the self-promoting taxpayer-funded Council magazine. Sadly, the Liberal Democrats, Labour, Greens and Highwoods Independents voted against helping-out Citizens Advice.

Conservative proposals were rejected by signally left wing coalition councillors, leaving Colchester with another year of uncertainty, no progress but more Council Tax to pay.

Conservatives pledge that it is time to end all the vanity projects, stop taxpayer funded magazines and adverts and wasting of taxpayers’ hard earned money. Colchester Conservatives will focus on tackling climate change, improving infrastructure and front line services.