Lib Dem / Labour led Colchester Council has cast doubt on the future of the West End Tennis Centre after refusing to rule out developing the site for housing.


  Pictured above: Cllr Pauline Hazell with Angela Linghorn-Baker

The news came in response to a question from local resident, Angela Linghorn-Baker, at a Colchester Borough Council's Meeting on 13th February2020. Angela attended Full Council to raise her concerns over the lack of investment in the tennis courts off Eudo Road and ask the Council to commit to improving the much needed local facility.

Angela said, “I have lived in the area for many years and seen a decline in the maintenance of the tennis courts. With a young child, I am very concerned about the diminishing number of sports facilities and green areas in the community. In recent months, the tennis courts have been allowed to fall further into disrepair, so I decided to ask the Council of their intentions for the site”.

When Angela asked directly, “Can the Council give assurances that housing won’t be built on this site?”, she was given a very short, sharp response by the Controlling Lib-Dem & Labour Coalition, stating that the area is under investigation by the Council and they would not rule out the use of the land for housing.

“I was so concerned at both the lack of information and care for such a long-standing public area that I decided to join Cllr. Pauline Hazell and the Conservative team to campaign for the tennis courts to remain in public use”, added Angela.

Shrub End Councillor, Pauline Hazell, who successfully led a campaign to save the tennis courts in 2012, said, “A few years ago, the Council was seriously considering building on the Tennis Centre site. We managed to stop them then and will be fighting to do so again”.

“For years, I have been calling on Colchester Council to invest in the West End Tennis Centre, which has the only municipal tennis courts in Colchester. I will continue to do all I can to keep the courts open and secure the investment the Centre needs, so that local people have facilities to enjoy at reasonable cost”, added Pauline.

Please show your support for Colchester’s only municipal tennis courts by completing and returning the PETITION form to keep the Eudo Road Tennis Courts open.