The Liberal-Democrat & Labour Coalition which administers Colchester Borough Council recently informed residents that they intended to introduce an additional tax on homes from which they collect garden waste for recycling.

We are delighted to confirm that Colchester Council’s political leadership has now abandoned its proposals to introduce a garden tax in the Borough.

Colchester Conservatives led the way in campaigning against this tax. Fortunately, facing defeat on the matter in the council chamber due to Conservative, Green and Independent opposition, the Council’s political leadership at its meeting last night, confirmed it would no longer pursue this policy.

Councillors received an unprecedented level of messages on this issue with 95% of respondents to our survey in opposition to the garden tax proposals.

Cllr Paul Dundas, Leader of Colchester Conservatives said: “This is exactly the right outcome and we as Conservatives were forceful in our unpicking of the proposed Garden Waste charges and the so called Garden Club. We asked serious questions and the decision to this ditch the garden tax proposal is the right one. I perfectly understand that the Council needs to recoup money following its unexpected expenditure on the dreadful COVID 19 crisis, but there are better and fairer ways to do this.”

We would like to thank you all for having your say and helping to ensure this damaging and unwanted garden tax will not be going ahead. Please do share the news!

Conservatives pledge that they will consult and listen to residents before making changes to essential municipal services such as waste collection and recycling.