A top line investigation into how millions of taxpayer money was wasted on the flawed and unwanted new town project is now on the cards after Colchester Conservatives put forward recommendations for an in depth enquiry. 

On Colchester Council’s Scrutiny Panel, Colchester Conservatives proposed that Colchester Council, with partner authorities, investigate decision making and taxpayer money spent on the North Essex Garden Community project.

The proposals, which received unanimous support of the panel, are for an independent, external investigation and/or a Local Government Association Peer Review. This follows on from the failure of North Essex Garden Community Limited and the failings of the wider, flawed project. 

Cllr Paul Dundas, Colchester Conservative Group Leader, said: “This is a step in the right direction to ensure full accountability of how over £10m was spent on this project with very little to show for it.

Colchester Conservatives have been consistently opposed to the North Essex Garden Community project due to various flaws in the proposals. We hope full transparency of the past and of the use of taxpayer money will ensure these mistakes are never repeated again.”

The decision on the proposals now rests with the Liberal Democrat and Labour Cabinet, who run the council without a majority. They are now the final barrier to the public finding out how taxpayer money was thrown away on the failed new town project.