18/05/2015 Colchester Borough Council writes-off  nearly £100k of secret debts
02/06/2015 Conservatives slam Lib/Lab failure to deliver Vineyard Gate
08/06/2015 Unfair parking price hike penalizes elderly and vulnerable
02/07/2015 Hoarding taxpayers cash
16/07/2015 Proposals to link hospital to Park & Ride with innovative shuttle bus.
04/08/2015 Disability Facilities Grant
12/08/2015 Consultation on 3hour parking
01/09/2015 Anger over removal of  cycle parking
02/09/2015 Enterprise Zones
05/09/2015 Climb-down over green waste
09/09/2015  Answers demanded on stagnation of Colchester
09/09/2015 Colchester's iconic water tower Jumbo will be lit-up
05/10/2015 Town Centre Air Quality Scandal.
08/10/2015 Council Clobbers Archaeology in Town
20/10/2015 Colchester 11th out of the 12 on recycling waste
09/11/2015 Colchester’s oldest standing building neglected by Council
09/12/2015 Christmas bonus for LibDems
20/12/2015 Tollgate - Colchester Conservatives are crying foul
02/01/2016 Review of the retail strategy for the Borough
05/01/2016 Spare Cash to be spent on illuminating the Roman Walls
11/01/2016 Conservatives welcome Government funding settlement for the Borough
18/03/2016 Leisure-world Actual financial Position
30/03/2016 Manifesto 2016-17
25/05/2016 Incomprehensible allocation of responsibilities
14/06/2016 Ward Councillors condemn Lexden Bus Lane proposals
05/07/2016 Tollgate: Planing Inspector castigates Council
08/07/2016 Call for Public Enquiry on Planning in Colchester
09/09/2016 CBC Cabinet split over wheelie bins
28/10/2016 Council wastes £91,000
01/11/2016 Demand that Council abandons proposals for a municipal bus company
03/11/2016 Mystery over wheelie bin vote by Councillors
14/11/2016 LibDem Council incapable of running even a fish-pond
21/11/2016 Wheelie bin decision now delayed until December
07/12/2016 Conservatives Oppose West Tey Garden Community Proposal
09/12/2016 Anyone for Tennis??, but not in Shrub End if the Council has its way
12/12/2016 Council denies residents any say on the Town Centre developments
15/12/2016 Half-baked Wheelie bin proposals fail Council’s Scrutiny Panel Test
16/12/2016 Conservatives Oppose West Tey Garden Community Proposal
18/12/2016 A confusing and unpopular decision on introducing wheelie bins
11/01/2017 Conservatives announce Lexden Springs School to move to Stanway
02/02/2017 Chaos reigns supreme on wheelie bin decision
22/02/2017 Conservative Group Leader's 2017 Budget Speech
26/02/2017 Conservatives welcome the opening of Primark in Colchester
02/03/2017 Council welshes on wheelie bin decision for Shrub End Ward
08/03/2017 Conservatives support major shake-up of Council Organisation
20/03/2017 Council forgets to nail writ to mast of boat: cost to taxpayers £100,000
21/03/2017 Lexden Road Traffic Flow Improvements: Final details
31/03/2017 It is time for the Council to consider updating "Brand Colchester"
02/04/2017 Conservatives highlight dangers of A-Boards and pavement clutter
05/04/2017 Scrutiny of the introduction of highly unpopular Wheelie Bins denied
21/04/2017 Lib-Dem Wheelie Bin supremo resigns weeks before start of scheme
27/04/2017 Long-awaited parking restrictions at the Lexden Crown pub
25/05/2017 LibDem & Labour Coalition fails to Gerrymander the Council’s Committees
08/06/2017 Further 3742 streetlights to be converted to energy-saving LEDs
10/07/2017 Over 600 Complaints in first week of wheelie bins
12/07/2017 Council caught-out hoarding £34.6m of taxpayers’ cash
21/07/2017 Conservatives propose joined up transport network for town
26/07/2017 Proposal for compensation if Council fails to collect household rubbish
27/07/2017 Colchester Borough of Sanctuary
28/07/2017 Public Realm Improvements, Junction of Lexden Road and Balkern Hill
04/08/2017 Conservative demand Council Leader resigns after planning fiasco
09/08/2017 Conservatives call for an Independent enquiry into planning in Colchester
01/09/2017 Conservatives Support Colchester Heritage Open Day
08/09/2017 Vic Flores, Conservative Candidate, wins the Shrub End by-election
12/09/2017 Update on Lexden Road Improvements
20/09/2017 Council Budget out of control. £488,000 overspend predicted.
18/10/2017 Colchester must be an exception to the Government's housing targets
01/11/2017 Council regrettably supports RMT industrial action
03/11/2017 Council abandons the Vineyard Gate retail development
19/11/2017 Time to put the brakes on house-building in Colchester
07/12/2017 Conservatives propose local action to increase recycling of plastics
12/12/2017 Mystery of Vineyard Gate Development Deepens
16/12/2017 Colchester Borough Council Conservatives elect Darius Laws as Leader
 24/01/2018 Conservatives master plan for site of Colchester’s Famous Jacks Store
31/01/2018 Council complacent on fly tipping as cleanliness deteriorates
21/02/2018 Conservatives demand Government Grant used to fund Infrastructure
27/02/2018 Pledge to bring back weekly general rubbish collections
16/03/2018 Conservatives' Action on Heritage
24/03/2018 Colchester fly-tipping: highest in three years
27/03/2018 Council misses its Housing targets - no improvement for 15 years
28/03/2018 Conservative welcomed ECC support for the Mercury Theatre Expansion
29/03/2018 Will Quince MP announces £69m for Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals
30/03/2018 Conservatives welcome on-the-spot fines for dropping litter
06/04/2018 Cllr Darius Laws unveils Conservative Manifesto for May 2018
24/04/2018 Conservatives Demand a Return to Weekly Rubbish Collections
04/05/2018 Conservatives have every intention of forming a minority Administration
10/05/2018 Problems still exist with the emptying of Waste and recycling bins