Conservative Group Civic Appointments 2020-21

Group Leader Cllr Paul Dundas
Deputy Leader Cllr Lewis Barber
Group Chairman  Cllr Kevin Bentley
Group Secretary Cllr Pauline Hazell
Group Whip  Cllr Jackie Maclean
Strategy, Business and Resources
Cllr Paul Dundas
Culture and Performance  Cllr Simon Crow
Commercial Services Cllr Dennis Willetts
Communities, Wellbeing & Public Safety Cllr Lewis Barber
Customers Cllr Jackie Maclean
Housing  Cllr Andrew Ellis
Environment, Transportation & Waste
Cllr Sue Lissimore
Chairman Scrutiny Panel Cllr Kevin Bentley
Vice-Chair Scrutiny Panel Cllr Lewis Barber
Planning Committee Cllr Pauline Hazell
Local Plan Committee Cllr Andrew Ellis
Licencing Committee Cllr Roger Buston
Governance & Audit Committee Cllr Dennis Willetts
Policy & initiatives
Cllr Christopher Arnold
Mayorality Cllr Robert Davidson
Colchester Borough Homes Board Cllr Nigel Chapman
Colchester Commercial Holdings Board Cllr Brian Jarvis