Message from Robert Davidson, Conservative Group Leader:

I urge all our residents to please comply with the Government's essential movement restrictions. 

It’s our best chance of minimising the sad loss of lives across our Borough. 

The council has over 1500 registered volunteers supporting our NHS and helping our most vulnerable residents.

If you know of anyone needing help please contact the relevant team using the link:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember: Stay home, Protect our NHS, Save lives.   



The political make-up of Colchester Borough Council after the elections 2nd May 2019 is:

  • Conservatives 23

  • Liberal Democrats 13

  • Labour 11

  • Green 1

  • Highwoods Independents 3

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Robert Davidson
Conservative Group Deputy Leader

Cllr Lewis Barber

Group Secretary

Cllr Paul Dundas


Click HERE for full list of appointments and roles for the civic year 2019-20